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Hi Zane I was speaking with Brian McAllister he suggested I contact you. Food trucks are huge here in Calgary and I was wondering if you are selling Thelma as a Franchise yet? Brian also mentioned you are doing some Brick and Mortar at some point in the future as well. I think your smoked meat would be huge here in Calgary
- asked by Jay Smith
Hi Jay, The primary thrust of our franchising will be in retail outlets with food trucks as an ancillary consideration. My experience is that food trucks are a seasonal business and at the very least shut down in bad weather. Plus they need a store to use as a home base. So under any circumstance, you'll need to operate a store and we'd want you to do that for a year or so before contemplating adding a truck. We are actively looking for strong franchisees in Ontario to open stores in 2015 and 2016 before we enter markets further east and west. Calgary is at or near the top of that list. If you're interested, please email me at Thanks!
Thank you from Zane


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