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Hi, I'm from Fenelon Falls On. And love cooking I have worked in several restaurants and also opened a successful Pizza and Pasta shop in a small town of Coboconk but sold to my partner as partnerships are hard especially when he had no prior cooking or restaurant experience. I'm 52 years of age and currently drive a vac truck in Grande Prairie Ab. And travel home to visit my wife and children every 6 weeks. I have looked at purchasing several restaurants in the Lindsay area but they are asking way to much. I have attended George Brown College at night for 7 years while managing an oil company for Bluewave Energy in Minden. I have received my culinary arts diploma and taken several other courses. I love cooking and love the restaurant business. Last time through the Toronto airport I purchased and loved your smoked meat sandwich. I would love to open a Caplansky deli around the Lindsay area. Do you sell franchises? Thank you and I am looking forward to a sandwich Feb 20th. Doug Traill
- asked by Doug Traill
Hi Doug, It sounds like you'd make an amazing Franchisee. Based on the success of our Pearson Airport locations we're planning on opening two stores this year and many more next year. The stores this year will include one "model store" and one franchise. The following year, in 2016, we'll be looking to open up many more stores around Ontario. Lindsay may be too small for the initial rollout but Peterborough would be a great place for a Caplansky's Deli. If that interests you, please send me an email to Thanks for your interest. Zane
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