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Zane, one question: Are you an over the roll or under the roll kind a guy when it comes to the toilet paper.... Ok, I lied, 2 questions. What I really want to know is when can I buy your great products in Alberta (or online w/ delivery)?
- asked by Todd
Hi Todd, Under. Definitely under. I find it easier to tear the sheets that way. I have a hard time imagining there is any sound argument or reasoning for being an over person. I mean, if you have an opinion on the subject, I'm not sure how it could differ from mine. On the other hand, I tend to feel this way about most things. That is, I think I'm smart and thoughtful and compassionate. Surely, I think to myself, if someone as smart and thoughtful and compassionate as me thinks this way about that thing then every other right thinking person must feel the same way. It's usually at this point that I meet someone who's opinion differs from my own. "Idiot," I think to myself. And in the usual course of events sounds will come out of that persons mouth. Words and ideas. And as well as being smart and thoughtful and compassionate I'm also a pretty strong listener. And at some point in the listening I realise that my opinion is shifting. I'm now thinking differently and I'm ok with that. Fortunately, I don't have a great memory, otherwise the number of times I call other people idiots and then end up agreeing with them may cause me to question my own thinking around the being a smart person thing. But not with toilet paper. I'm under. Always under. Those overs are idiots. Q2 Unfortunately and believe me when I say this because no matter what I said previously I really mean this: I love Alberta and Albertans and I'm really sorry that my products are unavailable there at the mo. I used to live in Fernie and spent a great deal of time in Alberta. Great people. Beef loving people and generally deprived of deli. The good news is that we're coming Todd. I'm actively looking for strong franchisees to open stores in 2017. Know any? Thanks Zane P.S. I'd be happy to mail you some mustard.
Thank you from Zane


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