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Ever think of blocking the streets in front and having Rush play a block party?
- asked by Chris
Want to hear something funny? I was thrilled the very first time Geddy Lee came to the Monarch Tavern. He was an idol since High School and I wanted to find something to say to him. On his way towards the door I intercepted him. After making sure he enjoyed everything I let him know we were holding our Grand Opening (the irony of those words were not lost on anyone) in a few weeks. "You know," I said "I'm actually looking for a local band to play..." I left it hanging long enough for him to look at me like I was either crazy or stupid enough to suggest I was asking if Rush could play. I broke the tension by laughing and wishing him well. The truth is that many famous people come into the deli but I try not to ask anything of them other than to honestly let me know how we did. But between you and I???? I love your idea.
Thank you from Zane


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