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Zane, If you intend sending your food-truck to the Hamas Rally to compete for space with the flag-waving terrorist-loving crowd, you either don't understand the significance of your misplaced endorsement (which it would be) or the naivity or stupidity which would engender such an act. Wake up Zane !! ... Anti-Israel = Anti-Jew in the world and it has just started to hit this town. Your actions as "an ambassador", may be well-meaning -- but not a good thing.. Leave it to the professionals.
- asked by Bernie Mandell (Paul's friend)
Hi Bernie, No, that's not my intention. And who is Paul? Can he verify that you're actually friends? Why would he want a friend like you? And while I'm on the subject of asking questions, why didn't you ask me one? This is called "Ask Zane Anything" not "Paul's Friends Displaying Small Minded Bigotry". Ask me something. Anything. To your point: it seems to me that "professionals" have gotten us into this mess. I think we need less professionals and more brotherly love/application of the Golden Rule and common sense. Look, Paul's friend, I'm sponsoring a local film festival. Nothing more. If you want to turn that into some kind of other thing, that's your problem, not mine. See you at the Festival! Zane
Thank you from Zane


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