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Hi Zane! Thank you so much for taking a nonpartisan stand for peace! I'm heading to your deli for lunch in a minute after reading about your sponsorship of the upcoming film festival; I think it's a wonderful response to the polarization that I see cropping up in the wake of hostilities in Gaza. Someone dear to me lives in Thornhill, where symmetrical graffiti attacks over the last week have targeted Jewish and Arab Canadians. I have contacted the Jaffari Centre and B'nai Brith to see if there is a possibility afoot of mounting an interfaith community response to these incidents and affirm that our community values peace more than partisanship. If you'd like to coordinate, please send me an email. Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to some good pastrami. :)
- asked by Sasha Akhavi
Hi Sasha, I must respectfully decline your suggestion to help coordinate an interfaith community response to the problems of the world. I love interfaith everything but my plate is quite full at the moment. Thanks for your kind words and support. Zane
Thank you from Zane


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