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hi i saw your show on eat street everything looked sooooo good. i looked it up to see were it is and checked out the menu and did not see the deep fried stuffed pickles i think that is a brilliant idea and would take the go train all the way there do you still have them?
- asked by cindy
Hi Cindy, Great question. The deep fried stuffed pickles were problematic. The problem was that once fried the chipotle filling became scalding hot. People would bite into them and become grossly disfigured. There were lawsuits and all kinds of ugliness until we were forced to stop serving them. The last two sentences are untrue. I simply saw people struggle and suffer and stopped serving them voluntarily. It's all food truck fun and games until someone gets molten chipotle cream cheese in the eye, right? However, we do serve amazing deep fried unstuffed pickles in the deli. Take a train and try them. My treat! Seriously. And now you know.
Thank you from Zane


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