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Zane, which do you prefer: a show-down, a hoe-down, or a throw-down?
- asked by Alex
OMG Alex! I've been waiting for someone to ask me this question since I gave birth to And now it can be told: I love all three but one of those holds a special place in my artery clogged heart. Anyone who knows me knows I love hoes. Tilling soil is just so much fun. I also love the other kind of hoe but since this is a family show, we won't go there. A throw-down? That's Bobby Flay's deal and I'll leave that to him. But when I think of a "Show-Down" I used to relate that to the OK Corral. However, these days it's all about "Donut Showdown" - the Food Net tv show where I'm a donut judge. I have so many fun and exciting things going on in my life Alex, but being a professional donut eater and judge wins hands down. They treat me so well, buy me new clothes, give me a dressing room, get me whatever I ask for, let me hang out with the awesome cast and crew, make me look great in hair and make-up, and help me sound smart and funny. If I'm going down, it's gotta be a Show-Down. Every time. And thanks for asking! You win dinner for two - as my guests.
Thank you from Zane


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