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Hi Zane, So how many licks DOES it take, to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop? Thanks, Michael
- asked by Michael
I've been looking for the Chigaco 58 Salami (Large Size), there was a Kosher Deli in Vancouver which sold it, but unfortuantely closed down. I've been on the search ever since. I have a friend who is moving to Toronto and will to purchase/mail for me, can the Chicago 58 sausage be purchased from your Deli? My husband and I are gluten free and he has a severe lactose intolerance. If cannot be purcased at your deli, do you know where it can be purchased in Toronto? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
- asked by Amy


Zane is not responsible for screwing up your life if you take his relationship advice. Please take all answers with a light heart and an open mind. Zane is not a psychologist, biologist, dermatologist, botanist, or specialist of any kind in anything other than Deli. Even then, he's not perfect, but strives to be. Zane takes no responsibility if you take his advice seriously, because, well, he doesn't take his own advice seriously.